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A Place for Self-directed or Community-based Practice
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Welcome to the hOMe Aviary
An online Aerial Yoga Platform 
designed for you.
hOMe is where the heart is.
Whether anchored in a stationary place or
suspended by a mobile rig,
this practice meets you in your personal time & space.
OFFERED: Modules | Memberships | Courses 


 Aerial Yoga MODULEs. What's Included:

Wild Musing From Tanya Miller
A combination of poetry, images,
and words to live by,

Wild Musings
anchors the sequences
and in-depth pose together in the theme
of the Module.
This is the place to be inspired,
find wonderment, and contemplate.


 (3) Online Aerial Yoga Sequences
This practice is designed to build familiarity
with the aerial hammock as a partner.
Progressions of postures and human potential
are grown upon in each sequence.
Professional Instruction is provided by
Tanya Miller (200 E-RYT),

who is certified by AIReal Yoga
as an aerial yoga teacher and teacher trainer, &
by Pegasus Pilates as an aerial pilates instructor.

All ability levels welcome.
Appropriate for Ages 10+.


Pose In-depth
Develop a personal relationship
with a specific posture.
This deep dive into a pose reveals its modifications, progression and full expression.


What's Not Included: Rigging, Hammock,
or other equipment necessary for the safe practice of aerial yoga.

Individual Modules
Offered in an online teaching platform, this practice is designed to build familiarity with the aerial hammock as a partner in developing flexibility, strength, balance, improved circulation, breath flow,
juicy inversions and well-being.
The practice is provided in a progressional module of (3) Sequences.

Offered in an online teaching platform,
this membership invites you to life-long learning.
With on-going access to aerial yoga sequences,
words to inspire your practice,
and an in-depth look at specific postures,
the membership meets you daily to transform your hOMe practice. 

 Delivered in Module Format, on an Annual Basis
Access to all Modules and other content.
New Modules added monthly.
Includes special events and promotions.



In-Person and Online Courses in Learning How to See.
Synchronize the Soul, Nature, and the Eye.
The Camera becomes the translator of Earth Wisdom
in courses that cultivate connection to the world around you.



Offered in-person and in an online teaching platform,

contemplative photography courses encourage connection to the world around you.

Shifting your perspectives, the Soul will see life differently.

Various Courses and Practices are offered to enliven your state of being through sight.




Share your connection to the world through community.

This is a forum for online sharing and gathering.

Members will get the opportunity to present Images from everyday LIVING! 

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