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AIReal 50: Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Develop a deeper understanding of aerial yoga by learning the fundamentals of the asana practice, philosophy, and methodology; and by discovering the basic principles behind the hammock as an assist.


This training is designed for yoga teachers and curious students, alike.


the Training Space

Trainings happen in the Blue Planet LIVING Studio on stationary anchor points and outdoors in the Aviary on mobile rigs (as weather permits) in Leadville, Colorado.

Training Overview

In the AIReal 50 training, we will focus on:

the fundamentals of aerial yoga postures and their progressions
(Includes: standing postures (on the floor and in the silk), suspended inversions and "flying" poses, balance postures,

back bends, forward bends, hip-openers, seated postures, restorative poses)

the theory behind using the hammock as an assist

teaching principles

creative sequencing

hands-on assists/ adjustments

rigging & gear safety

styles of aerial yoga (Hatha style, Power, Gentle, and Fitness)

What Training with Tanya Brings to You:

There are many teacher trainings available to you, so choosing the right one can make all the difference to your experience and education.

See my bio here:


Here is what I believe I offer as a trainer and guide to your aerial yoga proficiency:



A unique perspective on experiential learning that is inspired by years of

backcountry guiding, mat & aerial yoga instruction, energy medicine facilitation, and soul-based counseling



Expertise in aerial yoga as 1 of a handful of Carmen's Certified Teacher Trainer's

with formal certifications in AIReal Yoga and in Pegasus Pilates' Aerial Pilates

M.A. In Adventure Education | 300 HR Yoga Alliance E-YRT


By offering small group and/or a private training environment, my trainings are customized for optimal learning.

Considerations are given to learning styles and interests of the trainees. The content covered may be the same, however the delivery is unique.


I believe you already have the wisdom within yourself to become the student and instructor (if desired) that matters to others.

I am the training guide that will help your innate talents flourish.


Why Train under AIReal Yoga


1. AIReal Yoga, based in Ventura, California was the first program to work with the Yoga Alliance to certify aerial yoga teacher trainings. Years of collaboration were spent designing curriculum that was aligned with standards recommended by the Alliance. If the Hammock did not contribute to posture as a propped assist (to meet rigor as an identifiable yoga posture), the aerial posture was omitted from the training.

2. Carmen Curtis, Founder of AIReal Yoga, with her background in professional gymnastics, depth as a yoga instructor, and as a premier cirque performer, created this thoughtful practice with safety and wellness benefits at the forefront of her offerings.

3. Support and innovation from AIReal Yoga lives beyond your training. Recognized throughout the yoga community as a leader in aerial yoga, this training offers a network of other teachers, studios, and students that believe in sound aerial yoga practices.


You Leave this Training with:

50 In-Person Contact Hours of Training


Access to Online Training Materials 

  • Downloadable detailed manual featuring over 100 postures, including in-depth descriptions, visual walkthroughs, and explanation of poses

  • 148 Focused Training educational videos, featuring nearly 25 hours of content and 25 hours of practice

Lesson Plans and Sequences in a range of styles

Progressions and modifications for working with all levels of experience and expertise

Teacher insights gained from 2 1/2 decades of hands on work with students in the studio and in the backcountry

Training in proper safety methods and hammock rigging

Access to our Teachers Only private AIReal Facebook group

a supportive international community of like-minded instructors, practitioners, and studio owners


Certification from the Yoga Alliance, NASM, AFAA

Ability to instruct nationally and internationally

Special access and pricing for live events and further continued education opportunities

1 year of free Access to Blue Planet LIVING Online Aerial Yoga Modules ($720 Value)


1 year of free Access to the AIReal Online Membership ($249 Value)


Certification from the Yoga Alliance, NASM, AFAA under curriculum established by AIReal Yoga,

and taught by certified AIReal Yoga Training Instructor, Tanya Miller

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