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Are you LIVING an inspired life?
Do you notice the world around you evoking mystery, joy, peace, vitality, abundance, creativity, wellness, love,
and much, much more?
What if LIVING a Soul-directed life, infused with Nature meant transforming ordinary LIVING into the extra-ordinary, would you show up? Do you want the depth of your LIVING to match the song you know your Soul's singing?

Yes!I do, too!

Thinking each of our lives has a place of meaning in the fabric of the planet's timeline seems an immense responsibility to live life by. With so much history in what has happened and what will happen where does our pebble plop? And can the ripple effect even be felt in this vast continuum of time?
Thus, what is, becomes the cornerstone to daily existence.

I'm here to facilitate your LIVING.
And not just any type of LIVING,
but one with Soul-direction and one that is Infused with/in Nature.

My goal is to facilitate you in a model for living a Soul-directed life and bring Nature Connection to the forefront of your life. Rooted within techniques for transforming  daily perceptions, LIVING choices support the Soul's path- the path is vivid and authentic. Grounded in the agelessness of planetary energy,
the LIVING Universe reveals how your LIVING matters.
Ordinary life transforms into the extra-Ordinary.

If you say YES to Soul-direction and YES to Nature enhancing your life,
this is the place for you.


Here is what you find at Blue Planet LIVING Institute

Blue Planet LIVING Institute is my home for both in-person and on the web experiences. It's a place for my callings to unfold, be shared, and find flight. Because my path has coalesced from many, with one underlying  thread (Nature Connection), Blue Planet LIVING Institute offers a few tracks to discover LIVING direction by the Soul and life infused with Nature. To learn more about the story behind BPLI's meaning click HERE.


The Self, Soul, Spirit Model, by Dr. Roger Strachan, is foundational to Soul-directed LIVING. This model facilitates you in what your "Self/Selves", Soul, and Spirit have to do with LIVING in the now. It integrates your unique biology/ genetics with the experiences of your life to create your personal Mandala. The Mandala, centered by Soul, contains your individual personal traits. These traits in conjunction with the Soul impart the information and the energy structure for how your life is lived. I help you facilitate your Mandala and then work with you through your Mandala to discover your Soul's direction. Go here, for a look into my Mandala.


Program concentrations in Contemplative Practices/ Photography | Aerial Yoga, Fitness & Therapeutics | Nature Immersions and | Planetary Resiliency Training, provide the path or paths you may walk to bring more Nature into your life.

The collaboration of your Mandala and Nature Connection help you bring vibrancy into everyday LIVING. I know transformation and transitions in life come through many paths. I am here to support your path, regardless of the direction or outcome it has. Blue Planet is the container for your continued growth and understanding with techniques to be part of the LIVING Universe.

What Path will Your Soul Walk to Find its Direction and Nature Connection ?


aer Connection

Yoga, Fitness, and Therapeutics with the aerial hammock

BluePlanetLiving_Contemplative Photograp

Contemplative Practices

Contemplative Photography and other Practices to Ground Everyday Life


Wilderness Immersions

Immersions into Nature for deep Nature Connection

Hi. I'm Tanya Miller. I created Blue Planet LIVING Institute because I wanted a place to go that combined Soul work with somatic experiencing, with an emphasis in nature and eco-therapy, with arts-based approaches to contemplation, and to feel I was part of something larger than myself.
For years as a backcountry guide I witnessed the beauty, magic, invigoration, purpose, healing and more, when I stepped out of the way, for my clients to participate in a direct experience with Nature.
I wanted more intention behind what it meant to leave our homes behind, step into wilderness or into an aerial hammock, for the brief moment of learning more about our selves. To feel our place in some larger conversation. And so I went to graduate school; participated in workshops facilitated by my mentors; gathered certifications in yoga and then aerial yoga, and energy medicine; and have trained in transformational facilitation. I kept guiding. I kept walking into Nature.
I found new ways to bring my passion for photography into a life of connecting and states of being contemplative. I found possibility.
I also found sharing Nature and experiences in life mean more when they are shared. Blue Planet LIVING Institute is my way of sharing the knowledge, experience, and love I have for building connections to Self, Community, and Nature. I flourish more in the company of others.
I continue to grow and learn. I continue to bring new resources, experiences, and thought into in-person and on-line programing. I continue to remain committed and passionate about Nature. Whether connecting in my home place or yours, I am here for you.
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So, what exactly makes me an expert in  LIVING: Soul-directed & Nature connected?


Nature Connection is born.

My home place, Vail Colorado, is the incubator for my love of Nature.

Brought to life in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, my Vail roots have inspired a lifetime of deep appreciation for wilderness, connections to place, people, and nature, and well-being through outdoor immersions.

Playing in the snow, hiking the trails, or making mud pies with daisies, my outdoor world began before I could walk. My parents took me with them as they explored Vail's backcountry. 

TanyaMiller in Nature_VAIL Piney Lake.jpg


My Dad passed away too young. I was young. His passing informs the rest of my life- grief and recovery from loss establish themselves in my life. I spend years learning how to flow with change, to embrace what is, and to see the natural rhythm in all things.

His passing also delivered his old Pentax 35 mm cameras into my life. My passion for photography and seeing things differently awakens.


I return from living in the desert of Arizona, back to my home state of Colorado. I meet my first husband, who is in the early stages of running a backcountry guide business. On a whim, and a chance encounter, I take out my first guided snowshoe trip. What was me being helpful to my partner while he was out guiding, becomes a realized passion for the rest of my life. Guiding became my career for the next twenty plus years and continues to this day.

Influenced by the natural world, I honed my skills as teacher of natural history, a practitioner of leave no trace, a safety officer, and as a guide to the “Soul of Outdoor Adventure™”.


An introduction to yoga occurred in 2001. An invitation to become an instructor came in 2005 when I was seeking answers to questions about Life's meaning. Was there more to guiding and living off-grid. With a request from my neighborhood to teach yoga, I found myself enrolled in a 200 hour program. Certifications were just beginning to become the norm. I studied traditional Hatha yoga at an Ashram  outside of Boulder, CO. Acquiring my 200-RYT certification, I found yoga movement and mantras, but not the answers to my spiritual quests. I love this practice in context to its origins. On the other hand I am a mountain girl whose culture and myths arise from the forests of the central Rockies.

2010- 2016

To formalize all my years of guiding, noticing the way Nature effected the people I took out, and to bring a depth to my guiding beyond energy medicine, I went back to graduate school.

It was here and during this time the messiness of life showed up while I was trying to be a student. I divorced, I moved back into town, and sold my guide business. Life changed with each paper I wrote about the way nature was necessary for survival. I was relying on my scholarship and belief to get me through tough transitions. I was leaning on the other beings of my home place- chickadee, coyote, crimson sunsets, cotton candy winter alpen glow to be the salve I needed to keep living.

Graduate school was hard. It took time. I combined my love of nature, photography and sensory perception into my culminating thesis.


Be Present. Do we really know what those words even mean. I thought I knew and then I was faced with the simple vision and hand holding of another. My mom's stroke was a game changer. My thesis writing put on the back burner, aerial yoga in the backyard only, and daily life as I knew it suspended. Caregiving was 24/7. How does life keep going and what matters?

Thankfully she is mostly recovered. We still have our days, she has her moments. I am stilled called upon for regular caregiving. The life I lead encompasses my parents path as well as my own.

I moved closer to Nature. Living off the grid in a one room cabin gave me an up close and personal relationship with the sun and moon. I lived in cycles of wind, rain, and snow.  With no running water and a wood stove for heat, the things that mattered in life became very apparent. This was also a time of simplicity and recognizing more is less. My bookshelf was on my kindle and the lights went out with the setting of the Sun. Walking 200 yards to get to my "tiny" home was meditative at times and challenging at others. Twelve years living off-grid was amazing. The only thing separating me and the neighborhood Pine Marten was the glass between us. I appreciate every shower I take today. And am glad I don't have to carry 5 gallon blue jugs any more for water.


My spiritual answers came in two forms- One was in an Energy Medicine  program and the other was in Wilderness Therapy. I became certified in energy medicine facilitation. This program set in the hills of North County California, was five years of cultivating sensory perception, self care, and heartful living in the company of a cohort of life-long friends. Hands on healing was a modality to access unconditional love. Spiritual purpose and soul-centric living  shifted into new meaning for my own life.

The Wilderness Therapy Symposium framed my guiding with guilded edges of purpose. Never before had nature connection been so important. Stepping across thresholds, holding rituals, journeying into conversations with the more-than-human world ignited a childhood feeling into my give-a-way to the world.

2006 -2010

On sabbatical from guiding, I stepped in to manage a yoga studio. It was here I was introduced to aerial yoga. Similar to guiding, teaching aerial yoga felt collaborative and community building. We embarked on a new practice, learning together as we went.

Certified in AIReal Yoga™ by Founder Carmen Curtis the first and only credentialed aerial teacher training program by Yoga Alliance, and in Pegasus Aerial Pilates© by Jennifer Van Deausen a certified fitness program, I found different ways to lengthen, strengthen, and decompress the mind, body, and spirit.  I design an aerial practice to renew, relieve, and enliven personal well-being.

I was hooked on the mobile system, where practicing and teaching could happen inside and out. With eleven mobile rigs nestled into my van, I became a festival presenter and traveling gypsy.

School happened in my van and on the road.



I spent the Summer traveling across the US and Canada as a festival aerial yoga instructor.


Another big year of change. I remarry a long-time friend, become a step-parent, and re-orient my life towards love at home. Traveling to teach slows down and I begin to nest in a new community.

I become certified as an AIReal Yoga aerial yoga teacher trainer, building upon my former training.


I continue to study transformational facilitation with Dr. Roger Strachan.

I partner with Karen Johnson and Ryan Holsapple to facilitate workshops and couples work.

COVID hits and life changes. I become proficient in video and audio production. Online classes in aerial yoga and contemplative photography meet people in their own home places.

Karen Johnson and I meet. I host my first wilderness immersion as a co-lead nature fast and I am introduced to the Self, Soul, Spirit model.

Karen and I begin our mentorship with Dr. Roger Strachan in the Self, Soul, Spirit Model of transformational facilitation. I see where my soul has really directed my life, where it is now, and what I dream about.


I've lived a lot of life. As I am sure you have in your own way.

In my mid-life, I find myself dancing between entrepreneurship, marriage, care-giving, and wanting to live in the woods. When I align myself with my Soul, the modality I choose to share Nature connection fades in importance. I remain true to my belief that Nature is essential to mine and your survival.  I remain committed to LIVING as if all life matters and through the guidance of my Soul and Spirit the legacy of my humanity will endure. I may not have all the answers, however I am sure we can find some with each other.

Philosophies from the "TRAIL" I've picked up along the way. . .

Sharing the “Soul of Outdoor Adventure™” with clients and friends, the natural world creates a venue for legacy experiences to unfold.  The experiences last longer than the event itself.

The alchemy of Nature’s lessons, messages from universal mystery, and extra sensory perception promote a deeper awareness of our life’s passions and foster daily well-being.

Yoga and Energy Medicine help us to realize the inter-connectedness of the  mind/body/spirit.  Finding union in this defines our soul’s alignment.

Soulful Adventures take the individual journey and combine it with community for experiences that cultivate our contributions to the larger picture.

As a guide, I get to take individuals into the backcountry where they tap into their own potential and where they experience aspects of themselves they never thought were possible. Our ability to exercise, to cover distances, climb high, or feel our heart rate is always more than we give our selves credit for. Emotions soar.

Everyone has the capacity and capability to experience nature. There is a trail, a natural spot, a wilderness moment for everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, economic demographic, athletic ability, or age.  

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