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Welcome to Our Offerings

Step Across the Threshold . . .

And Immerse Yourself in Places to LIVE Your Planetary Path

Here you will find in our OFFERINGS:

Places to step into, where you learn about LIVING!

Places where your life becomes Infused with Nature!

Places that bring meaning to your Soul!

Classes, Modules & Memberships | Immersions | Trainings | Individualized Sojourns

Choose your path. Find LIVING! with Soul direction and Nature connection, 

as daily encounters

within the depths of immersions

 surrounded by group genius

 through proficiency of skills and trade

 inside personalized sojourns

 and much more. . .

Choose your level of engagement, the way to walk your path, and your medium of expression.

happenings|courses, immersions, trainings, events, and more. . . 

This is the place to go for a list of current offerings by date.

Transform the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. Offered as self-directed or in community based settings, learning happens in classes, block sessions, courses, modules, and memberships designed to enliven the mundane world.

Dive deep into the wild's of Soul, Nature Connection, and Life. Offered as workshops and retreats, these immersions invite a closer look, feel, and experience into pathways for personal and planetary resiliency.

Become proficient in a skill or trade. Enhance what you already know about yourself. Nurture your give-a-way by training in gifts to give others.

Personalize your path with 1 with 1 sessions.

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