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Does Your SOUL Want to Soar?

Imagine Flying Free...Leaving gravity behind, for just a moment.
Imagine a practice where the body, soul, and spirit feel supported from the AIR and the EARTH.
Imagine building a partnership where trust, challenge, curiosity, playfulness, growth, strength, and nurturance all come together in a safe space.
Imagine feeling enlivened, inverted, and restored to a place of wellbeing.

Discover aer: a place for movement and space

discover moving wellness | in body, breath, & presence

discover partnership

discover the 'Way of the Hammock'

AERIAL Yoga, Fitness, & Therapeutics


This is the place to connect with your Soul and Nature through aer

and I'm, Tanya


BENEFITS of the practice to SOUL and BODY:

- Builds Strength
- Stretches with Support
- Flushes Lymphatic System 
- Decompresses the Spine
- Improves Balance
- Calms the Nervous System

What is AERIAL Yoga, Fitness, & Therapeutics

Utilizing the suspended aerial hammock, traditional Hatha yoga poses and fitness exercises become supported by a fabric that is wrapped around the back, wrists, feet, and/or hips. Fitness shifts as the core is activated and strength is built. Restoration happens as inversions and resting postures are enhanced by the fabric.

Discovering the WAY of the HAMMOCK brings to life the philosophy behind the aerial hammock as a prop. It is the state of being and essence of who we become as postures, breath, thought, movement and theme unfold.

The fabric, the setting, the sequence become avenues towards personal resilience. The depth of this practice is felt through mindful participation by you and, by me, the teacher.

A partnership between the hammock and the participant forms in each movement. The partnership reveals itself in feedback- muscles sounding strength, stretch, activation - perspective shifting with the spine decompressing in inverted gravity - the fire within growing as the core is engaged and ignited - a sweet lullaby soothing the soul in a suspended cocoon - patience, practice, persistence in assistance that meets us where we are - and so much more.

Aerial Yoga Classes


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Aerial Yoga Classes

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Do to its suspended nature, aerial yoga requires a strong, structural anchor. For me, my location is driven by my desire to be at home and to travel. You can meet me in my hOMe place/studio of Leadville, Colorado; join me on location in the forest, at the beach, in the neighborhood park, or in the backyard; find me in the virtual world; or invite me to you and your space. 
Whether in a studio setting with set anchors or utilizing a mobile rig, this practice meets you in many ways. I love the indoor environment for its consistency and I love the outdoor setting for its proximity to wild Nature. Both bring landscapes that compliment your practice.  Go to my offerings for location information.
Want your own hOMe or outdoor practice, consult with me to find out what is possible. 
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