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Nature | Soul Cards

the  ORACLE DECK  story

What would it feel like to like to live a life infused with Nature?

Where would we find our place in planetary existence?

What wisdom already exists within in us and the Other beings of this planet?

How would co-mingling our energy with the more-than-human inform our path?

NATURE | SOUL Cards arose out of a calling.


Fascination with the natural world begins as a seed. Early on,  I sprout in the midst of my home mountains. Surrounded by wildflowers, high peaks, whimsical trees, and majestic vistas, I transform into a state of euphoria that still resides within me. My attraction to the forest and its’ beings connect me to a source of love and wellbeing that runs deep as a vein of ore.  Sourcing this love provides an inkling of my place in the path of planetary existence. I feel that the dream of these cards, finally comes to fruition as I live in devotion to nature connection. One of many decks, I intend; I combine my love for the Other beings on the planet with a desire to see the people of the world embrace the only home we know. Spending hours in the woods, I am continually humbled by the magic that happens when I stop to notice and listen to the hum of the planet. I offer NatureSoul Cards as a gift to my ‘people’ and in recognition of the wisdom, support, freedom, liveliness, solace, and peace I receive from the Others. Expressing nature connection through photography and sacred verse, this deck focuses on INSPIRING Connection to Self, Soul, Spirit, and Nature. Immerse yourself in the natural world (Nature) by connecting with the life force or essence (Soul) that resides within you and within planetary existence. Each card represents a small piece of ginger on the palette of life, eliciting a pause in your day and perhaps even in your life. Join me in Nature’s embrace. Find deep and everlasting connection. Become love and simply be. 

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Finding agency with a camera transforms the usual "capturing" of a scene into a dialogue between the "Others" of the planet and ourselves. Similar to a language translator, the camera and the Others come into conversation to offer a pixelled version of their exchange.


Within the animate lense of which all beings, human or otherwise, have sentience, the imagery in this deck become a the medium by which information is shared to us from the Others & Camera.


Words to live by are just invitations into what matters most, what may be important, what may inspire or spark our creativity.

The "Words" of the deck act as prompts to the conversation being had with the Imagery and your Soul. 

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deck 1 
68 Oracle Cards INSPIRE Connection

Deck 1 begins a life-long journey into the world of Nature | Soul connection. With over 1,000+ possibilities of partnership between the IMAGE and WORD cards and YOUR Intention, these cards are designed to ignite inspiration in your everyday world.

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