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SOUL Sessions

How will your SOUL walk its planetary path?

This is the Place to learn about your "Selves", your Soul, your guiding Spirit and Nature.

As a thought leader, a change agent, visionary, or healer are you ready to transform the ordinary into the EXTRA-ORDINARY?
Are  you ready follow the call to live in planetary resilience?

Are you in counseling now or in the past and looking for a different compliment or approach to deepening your SOUL's Journey. 

IF you answered YES to any of the above

Now is the time to live every day with joy.

       Now is the time. . . 

TO live by your Soul's Purpose

TO connect deeply with this world

TO set aside old stories

TO live from your uniqueness

TO transform yourself


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Learn More:  ABOUT ME, Tanya Miller and how I change perspectives on
Soul-directed LIVING! Infused with Nature.


Thought Leaders, Change Agents, Visionaries, Healers

that want to deepen their relationship with themselves,
others, and the world they live in
through non-traditional psychological and therapeutic settings.

  • I work with Souls who contribute to social impact.

  • I work with Souls who see on-going personal growth and development
    as paramount to living a resilient life. Change is the norm.

  • I work with Souls who believe they belong to the web of life
    and that a relationship in/with Nature is essential to health and wellbeing.

FOCUS TOPICS may include:

Self Empowerment and Understanding/ Personal Resilience Leadership
Flourishing Relationships: Self, Marriage, Family, Work
Resource Fusion for Self Care/ Wellness/ Health
Enhanced Interpersonal Communication Skills
Developing Purpose and Passions for Life-Long Authentic Living
Systems integration for healthy Conflict and Challenge Resolution
Integration of the Heart for Compassionate Living
Nature Connection 
Approaching "Mid-Life" Aging with Grace and Grit


Individuals | Couples | Groups
Perspective Changing Facilitation
Self | Soul | Spirit | Nature Integration
Wilderness Immersion
Transformational Alchemy
Personal and Planetary Leadership
Energy Medicine/ Hands On Healing
Eco-Bricolage in Wellness 
Aerial Yoga


Soul-directed LIVING based on the intersection of your unique genetic code and your environment.

Insight into transformational process that is regenerative and enduring.

Possibilities in shifting the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

Facilitation based on power with model not power over.

Things are what they are- no good or bad

No stories.

No diagnosis.

Sessions are dynamic and structured to address current issues.

You hold the wisdom to the work you need. 



Self | Soul | Spirit
(a human development model
by Dr. Roger Strachan)

Eco-psychological practices
and philosophies

Current theories in genetics,
epi-genetics, and neuroscience

Wilderness therapeutics

Art of Heartful Living | Kathleen & James Woeber

and through Other Ways of Knowing. 



Connect with me before making a commitment

NEW Client consultation 

Discuss your needs/ wants and to see if we are a fit for each other. (1) - 30 min consultation

Ready to Dive In!

the 42 Day Commitment

Science from the world of meditation and heart math shows it takes 42 consecutive days to make changes last. Based on this concept and the challenge to live a resilient life, this commitment inspires daily transformation.

Includes (5) Self - Soul Sessions (approx.1x/week) over a 42 day period. 

(1) Intake Session (90 min) plus (4) Additional Individual Sessions (60 min each)

Sessions available In-person or Online via Zoom

the Seasonal Flow Program

Create personal growth through this model which is based on seasonal flow. Start your season of development and receive benefits the way nature intends it.

Includes (1) Intake Session (90 min) plus (12) 60 min Self - Soul Sessions over a 93-day or quarterly period. Most clients choose to extend this commitment after the period ends, which is an option for you. 

Sessions available In-person or Online via Zoom

All sessions include monthly inspirational newsletter, access to on-going podcast episodes, (1) weekly email or text support during session period, and a personalized magnetic travel Mandala. 

Additional Services:

the Nature Connection

Incorporate a wilderness immersion into an existing growth program, with me or with others, that is designed to enhance the therapeutic/transformative process. Nature is the setting. This program is designed in collaboration with you through  consultation if a new client or through on-going sessions if a current client. Please inquire directly here.

Immersions | Retreats: Individual Sojourn or Group Program

Dive deeper into your personal growth with a specialized program created for you or attend a retreat designed with a topic of interest in mind. 

Topics Include:

Mandala in Action with Others


Contemplative Photography


Group Genius and Leadership

Health and Wellness

Aerial Yoga

Labyrinth Walks

Ritual and Ceremony for Life Transitions

See OFFERINGS for more information.

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