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How Aerial Yoga Works
at the Blue Planet LIVING Studio

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the Studio Space & Design

Blue Planet LIVING Studio is based in historic Leadville, Colorado,
the headwaters of the Arkansas River Valley.
the Studio space was recently constructed using recyclable wood composite blocks, stamped concrete floors, in-floor heat,
and finished with traditional stucco walls.
Aerial anchors were installed in ceiling design to ensure safety.
the Studio includes
8 Anchors  
Aerial Yoga Hammocks and gear are sourced based on
industry materials safety testing ratings



the Practice Philosophy: Open Enrollment, Progressional Blocks, & Individualized Sojourns 

The Blue Planet LIVING Studio values a practice that resembles an Aspen Grove.

  • Roots are set down in the soil of our bodies within the common language of aerial yoga.

  • With a common set of established roots, Individuals grow their unique aerial yoga expression to become stand alone participants.

  • As the Individual expression happens, in the Studio space, it cultivates shared experiences. Hence Community is born.

  • The Community lives and practices together continually expanding upon the practice of aerial yoga, the practice of daily living, and the practice of shared experiences.

Based on the Practice Philosophy, Aerial Yoga is offered as Progressional Blocks of classes.

Individuals grow their practice by coming together in regular, committed class times and durations.

Progressional Blocks are dynamic, starting and ending as each pod of participant's needs are considered.

To get involved in this practice there are a few ways to invite Aerial Yoga into your life:

Attend an INTRO to Aerial Yoga CLass for maximum flexibility and minimal commitment.

Offered at various times throughout the month.

(Must attend at least 2 INTRO classes to register for on-going classes or be approved by instructor.)

Create your own Pod

of 3 - 6 people.

Sign Up for Individualized Private Sojourns into Aerial Yoga. You Schedule the time and duration based on availability.

the embodied Soul: Styles of Practice

Originating from many traditions, the aerial hammock styles of assist support postures, breath, well-being, restoration, invigoration,

anti-gravity and other expressions as the practice unfolds.

 A blend of Hatha Yoga, Suspension Fitness, Pilates, and other body modalities come together in this practice of connection. 

Each sequence of poses is designed with participants in mind- interests, ability, and duration.

Embodiment arises through strengthening, elongating, inverting, energizing, opening, and more.

The style of practice ranges in ability. 

The height of the hammock shifts with purpose.

There is no one way to explore the hammock. aer connection is unique to you and your body.


What a Practice with Tanya Brings to You:

There are many teachers available to you, so choosing the right one can make all the difference to your experience and education.

See my bio here:


Here is what I believe I offer as a Soul and Nature- based guide/ instructor to your aerial yoga proficiency:



A unique perspective on experiential learning that is inspired by years of

backcountry guiding, mat & aerial yoga instruction, energy medicine facilitation, and soul-based counseling



Expertise in aerial yoga as 1 of a handful of Carmen Curtis's Certified Teacher Trainer's

with formal certifications in AIReal Yoga and in Pegasus Pilates' Aerial Pilates

M.A. In Adventure Education | 300 HR Yoga Alliance E-YRT


By offering small group and/or a private training environment, my offerings are customized for optimal learning.

Considerations are given to learning styles and interests of the participants.


I believe you already have the wisdom within yourself to become an embodied Soul.

I am the guide that will help your innate beauty flourish.


Pricing: Drop-In and Class Packages

$25/ Class | Drop-In Rate for INTRO to Aerial Yoga Class 

$15/ Class ($30) | (2) INTRO to Aerial Yoga Classes (only). Must be used within 30 days of purchase.

$15/ Class | (2 - 5) AIR Yoga Class Passes. Must be used within 38 Days/ 5 Weeks of purchase. Valid for on-going aerial yoga classes.

Aerial Hammock provided. Yoga Mat not provided.

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