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Frequently Asked Questions about Studio Classes


Q. How do I register for class?

A. Register online at: or

Go to your APPs on your phone and Download the app to create an account and manage your participation.


Q. What is the Cancellation Policy for Classes?

A. If you do not cancel a session within 3 hours, you are responsible to pay the entire session rate.


Q. What is the Studio Attire/ Etiquette?

A. Close-fitting clothes are best. Short or long sleeved shirt long enough to tuck in. Wear leggings/pants that go below the knee. Layers are always nice for warm-up and cool down periods. Toe socks are also recommended. Absolutely NO zippers on clothing. It rips the equipment and can be dangerous.


ŸTo ensure the longevity of the hammocks we ask that you remove all jewelry (as in rings, dangle earrings, and big necklaces) and watches before practice. These items can catch on the fabric and cause damage to its integrity. Accessories can also inhibit your safety in the hammock.


ŸBLUE PLANET LIVING STUDIO is a fragrance free and smoke free environment. Please refrain from wearing scented fragrances or cologne to class. Please refrain from wearing smoke filled clothing. No sunscreen, oils, or lotions of ANY KIND, please.



Q. How do I prepare for class?

A. Make sure you are well nourished and hydrated before each aerial session. We recommend not eating 30 minutes prior to the start of your session.

Q:  Are there any physical limitations to participating?

A: This practice is designed for all abilities levels and is catered to the participant(s)’s individual specifications. The instructor is specifically taught to guide participants to practice within the limitations of their own mind & body.   The aerial hammock does encourage participants to grow as they become more familiar with the practice. If you have a specific medical condition or ability you need special consideration for, please contact the instructor directly.

Q. Do I need any yoga or aerial yoga experience?

A. No experience is necessary.  We will teach you everything you need to know. Anyone with a spirit for adventure and an open mind to try something new and exciting can learn.


Q. Are there any special aerial considerations at high altitude?

A.  As with any exercise at altitude, participants are asked to be aware of the acclimation process. Inversions and backbends are offered slowly with consideration for the shift in blood flow. Some dizziness or light-headedness is a possibility at altitude.


Q. How old do I need to be?

A. BPLI works with all ages. There are special considerations for working with ages 12 and under and over 75. Please request a conversation with your instructor prior to your session, if you fall into either age category.


Q. What if I am pregnant, can I participate?

A. BPLI does support pregnant individuals, however requires a medical note from the doctor stating the participant is authorized for physical activity. Twists and Inversions will be omitted from this practice. Please talk to your instructor before booking.


Q. I’m not an athlete, will I be able to keep up?

A. Everyone starts somewhere. Some students have a greater climb to get in great aerial shape. The most important factor in success is a good attitude and a commitment to your training.


Q. Do I need to be flexible?

A. No, we will help you increase your flexibility in every session.  Flexibility makes all the positions visually more pleasing, however for most moves flexibility is not required.

Q. Will I be sore the next day?

A. Some soreness can be common when first experiencing the aerial hammock. Eventually the body becomes familiar with the fabric and common tension points tend to minimize their impact. Soreness can occur from movement that challenges the body.


Q. What if I am sick?

A. Stay home if you exhibit any symptoms of being sick, which include but are not limited to the common cold, Flu, RSV, COVID-19.

Q. What if I have had COVID?

A. A negative for COVID is required if you are within 10 days of exposure to or have had COVID-19. Wearing a mask is recommended.

The Studio follows local and state guidelines for COVID - 19 and all other related viruses.


Q. Is there a weight limit?

A. Our equipment is rated to hold the weight of a small black bear. 


Q:  How do I know if the hammock is hung safely?

A: Each point is safe for a minimum 300 lbs to ensure that you absolutely safe and the rigging will not fail.


Q. Is it dangerous?

A. We are committed to a safe and positive environment. There can be small scrapes and bruises in any physical activity but the serious risk is very small. At the recreational level, as it is done with proper equipment, training and supervision, aerial is as safe as any other recreational sport or rigorous physical activity you may engage in. If you have any physical impairments, that could impact your own well being, please let us know before our session.


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