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What planetary path is your soul walking?

Discover an everyday land that is filled with resilience, joy, and tranquility.

Stand at the headwaters of soul and nature connection and unlock the hidden gems of your planetary path.


to a place where Soul-directed LIVING! Infused with Naturetm facilitates your greatness, as a thought leader | change agent | or visionary, 

                         to living in personal and planetary resilience.



and I'm, Tanya


We  live in a place (a time, our personal geography, within events) unlike any other time in the history of people or planet. Just as our place in this history is unique to each of us, so too is our uniqueness that rises to meet the tasks at hand. 

There are many paths one can take to live a meaningful and joyous life. Choice and direction often boggle the mind, if there is not a guiding energy to inform which way to go. 

Inspired by my daily connection to this planet, my belief that connection to the other beings of the world are essential to our flourishing, I bring my love of life as a wellspring to your planetary path. 


Many years of wilderness guiding, graduate studies, mentored education, and personal circumstances coalesce in this place to bring you offerings that transform ordinary living into EXTRA-ORDINARY LIVING.


This is a place. . .

TO hear your Soul

TO connect deeply with this world,

with nature-as-partner, as-companion, as-mentor,

as-healer, as-the one who ignites your greatness.

TO live your uniqueness,

informed by your personal genetic code

and it's connection to events

that make you who you are today.  

It's time to live every day with joy. It's time to live by your Soul's path. It's time to unleash your greatness. It's time to live connected to Nature in ways that bring resilience to you and those you serve.


I'm here to facilitate the lessons, insights, inner wisdom, and inspiration you need to LIVE resiliently for yourself, while being the beacon for others as contributors to all of our global resilience.

Immerse Yourself with me, in Nature, and in

                  BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE offerings. 

xo, Tanya

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the happenings of BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE are found in a variety of offerings

centered on Soul-directed living and Nature Connection.

There are many classes, customized & private sojourns, collective spaces for building community,

on-going memberships, events, and other products and services for this to be a place of learning.

Deep dives or dabbles are available to transform LIVING!

What planetary path is your soul walking?

Logo Med_hammock only.jpg

aer: a place for movement and space

moving wellness | in body, breath, & presence

discover partnership

discover the 'Way of the Hammock'

earthe: a place to ground and grow

shifting perspectives

deep ecology | deep time

vitality in the rhythms of Nature

personal & planetary resiliency

The essence behind Blue Planet LIVING Institute, Tanya (our founder), and our Offerings

resides in a profound connection to Soul and Nature.


Our personal Soul and Earth Soul are united in their life force that guide our path. 


Awakened connection is the cornerstone to a joyous, resilient, and meaningful existence. 

There are many PATHWAYS to building connections & evoking your greatness. 

Blue Planet LIVING Institute PATHWAYS are the nest for incubating your resilience. 

See | Feel | Hear | Touch | Be: Aer and Earthe


1 Soul | 2 Pathways to LIVING! Infused with Naturetm 

Discover, here, one based on aer: a place for movement and space and one based on earthe: a place to ground and grow

contemplative photography

earth- based practices

wilderness immersions


The voice of Mother Earth is channeled

through my Soul's everyday encounters.

Messages from my connection to Nature comes to life in this PODCAST 

as musings, mythopoetic word phrases, and as sharing designed to bring you closer to the Soul of the world.

Each sounding is offered as a catalyst for you to live in resilience and in recognition of the magic of life on this planet.

This is my gift. . . one that gives voice to shift perceptions about LIVING! Infused with Nature.  


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