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A restorative AIR practice.

  • the Blue Planet LIVING Studio | Leadville CO

Service Description

Levels: All    Styles: Restorative Hammock Height: 6” – 12” off of the ground __________ Based on the Japanese philosophy of “shinrin-yoku (森林浴)”- Low Hammock ‘Forest Bathing’™ is a delicious aerial practice that rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. Drawing upon Yin yoga postures and the sounds of Nature, each motion brings muscles, facia, the psyche, and soul back into equilibrium. The aerial hammock is set just above the ground where Earth and Air meet to support deep holds and inverted heart openers. This yummy practice benefits anyone with injuries, high levels of stress, or anyone needing a quiet moment. REGISTRATION: Must register up to 2 hours in advance as space is limited. Drop-In spaces available upon request. There is a 2 person minimum required for class to run. Notification/Confirmation of class will be made within 2 hours of class time. CANCELLATION POLICY: 3 Hour Cancellation Policy.

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