BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE arose out of a calling. The calling was set in the backdrop of an existing backcountry guide service, Trailwise Guides, and in the pursuit of a graduate degree in Adventure Education. The questions were posed and answered by founder, Tanya Miller. The calling came in the form of several questions with a belief that the connection to Self, Community, and Nature were pathways to resilience, joy, and tranquility.


What would it feel like to like to live a life infused with Nature?


How would I, and others feel with a deep connection to Nature? And what life action would come from this?


Where would we gather to share in this journey together?


Tanya searched for a place to bring together her passion for Nature, for enlivening life force, and for sharing connection that meets the soul on a planetary path that matters. Finding only glimpses of what she sought, Tanya, embarked on a journey to bring this place to life, now known as BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE.



In 1968, the Apollo astronauts presented humanity with an image of planet Earth that captivated the essence of our place in the universe. Suspended in space, the planet takes on a blue hue reflecting the volume of water encompassing our world. It was said “


The “BLUE PLANET” of BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE is another way of expressing the concept of Earth, Nature, Planet, World, or Gaia. It is also a place that is home to us and millions of other life forms that live together in an interconnected web of existence. By its very nature, the blue planet is one that encompasses all one might know and is the mandalic image of connection.




A trip to any local bookstore will reveal a magazine section that flashes words and images across pages, headlining the buzz on living. Ways to live that are healthier; make us look younger; bring us wealth; fast track us to fame; invite us to explore; tell us stories; exploit news; showcase pop culture; design our next vacation or dream home; and much more.


The “LIVING” of BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE is the undertaking behind an animate world. Described as the breathing, vitality, sentience, and existence within this world, LIVING, is about the ways each of us might approach our existence on this planet, in this moment, at this time, in this location. It can encompass our lifestyle, our beliefs, our habits, our sensory perception, our emotional state, our spiritual practices, our souls. The way one lives is a cornerstone to the fabric of personal and planetary resiliency. BPLI is based on a Nature-based LIVING path, that assists us, in  transforming, an ordinary life into an extraordinary existence.



The INSTITUTE: A Mandala for Nature-based Learning

Some years back, I recall walking across the campus of my alma mater, James Madison University in Virginia, with its iconic “blue-stone” buildings, rectangular lawn, and columned entryways being struck by a place steeped in tradition and heritage. When I think of an institution this it what often comes to mind. In contrast, wandering across Prescott College’s grounds, leads me to eco-friendly buildings, curved paths, and to wild spaces.  I present these locations as not only physical establishments, but also as the places for focused missions on knowledge and learning.


The “INSTITUTE” of BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE transcends a traditional brick and mortar location, however does embody the principles of an institute with its focus on being a place to learn about embodied living infused with nature™.  Whether set in a built structure, in a field, on top of a mountain, or in cyber space, the INSTITUTE is a gathering place held within the mandala of the planet.




BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE currently resides in the bioregion of the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Leadville, Colorado & Traveling Van

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